MTSC Servicing Clients In Manila North And South Harbor

MTSC started providing harbor docking and undocking to its clients in Manila North and South Harbor July 16, 2018. It stationed the MT Mangyan (2,400HP) and MT Sikatuna (2,600HP) to service clients' vessels calling Asian Terminal Incorporated and Manila International Container Terminal.

"MTSC serves clients in Subic, Bataan, Batangas, Cagayan de Oro, and Davao. It was those same clients who expressed keen interest to support MTSC if it stationed its tugs in Manila to support their vessel calls," said Noel Kimmayong, MTSC's Manila Hub Manager. "Over the years, MTSC has continued to support its clients in Manila via ancillary services. We provide fresh water delivery via barge to North and South Harbor. And to our partnered clients in the Oil&Gas industry, MTSC provides them yokohama fendering services three times a month to support their STS  operations of bunker fuel, in addition to oil spill response support to the oil majors of the Philippines." added Kimmayong.

Clients  seeking services in Manila for docking/undocking support, fresh water delivery, harbor and coastal towage of barges, emergency response and fendering services can contract:

Manila Hub Manager: Noel Kimmayong

MTSC VP Marketing: Raulito "Lito" Lumanlan 

MTSC Operations Manager: Capt. Ebenezer G. TaƱada