MTSC's Joins Shell's "Shell Arat Ng Silangan Exercise 2018"

The Philippines was host to Shell's "Shell Arat Ng Silangan Exercise 2018" held on June 22nd and June 26th to 28th 2018. The two and half day table top exercise was designed to train members of Shell's Global Response Support Network (GRSN) with a particular focus on, but not limited to, members of the Asia Russia Australia (ARAT) region in addition to meeting Shell Tabangao's HSSE respone requirements and to continuously improve Shell's global readiness profile. 

The exercise simulated a response to a Tier 3 worst-case discharge event at Shell Tabangao's Refinery in Batangas, Philippines, following a simulated earthquake and was designed to escalate the the response to the spill, necessitating the activation of the Tier 3 resources, which includes Shell's GRSN. 

MTSC's Capt.  Director of Philippine Operations, Daniel Adrien T. Sarmeinto, and Manila & Bataan Hub Manager/ Oil Spill Response Head, Noel C. Kimmayong; Shell team representatives from its Asia Russia Australia Team (ARAT); its Global Response Support Network (GRSN); members of the Philippine Government; and supporting organizations such as the Philippine-based Waterbourne Industry Spill Equipment Cooperative (WISE). WISE is an oil spill cooperative established by the oil majors in the Philippines to respond to Tier 2 spills. MTSC is the sole responder that is contracted by WISE, with response hubs  located inLuzon, the Visayas and Mindanao that include containment and recovery equipment, storage facilities, pressure cleaners and dispersant spraying apparatus.