MTSC Successfully Re-floats MY Pangaea

On February 24, 2018, MTSC successfully re-floated the world-famous exploration vessel, PANGAEA. MTSC was hired by the PANGAEA's owner, Mike Horn, to deploy MTSC's 8,200HP salvage vessel, the MT Trabajdor-1, together with its team of salvage experts, after attempts by another Philippine salvage company failed to re-float the PANGEA. 

The PANGAEA ran aground near Mischief Reef on December 31, 2017 while its owner, Mike Horn, was on a four year globe spanning sailing expedition, wherein Mike and his team initiated environmental and social projects both on sea and land. Mike Horn is a South African-born Swiss professional explorer and adventurer.

Joint efforts between MTSC; Mike Horn and his team; and government authorities resulted in the successful operation and prevented further damage to the environment. MTSC was hired to tow the PANGAEA to a safe anchorage in Subic Bay where she would undergo repairs before continuing its global expedition.