Capt. Edgardo M. Gualberto Retires As MTSC President

Capt. Edgardo M. Gualberto retired as President of MTSC effective March 1, 2016. He had been with the Company for over 40 years and one of his major achievements was putting together a management team to build on MTSC’s historical successes and continue to serve our customers to the high standard that they have enjoyed for several decades.

In recognition of his valuable contributions, the Company commemorated his retirement with a Cocktail Dinner last February 16, 2016 at the Manila Polo Club in Makati. The event was attended by domestic and overseas clients and partners, as well as management from MTSC and affiliated companies.

Mr. Teofilo S. Eugenio, who has also been with MTSC since 1974, joins the MTSC Board of Directors and replaces Capt. Edgardo M. Gualberto as President.  Mr. Eugenio has been actively involved in many aspects of MTSC’s businesses over the last forty years and is well-known within the Philippine maritime community.