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Focused on the needs of the maritime community, SALVTUG provides over 35 years of casualty recovery experience in Philippine Territorial waters and throughout the South China and Philippine Sea. Our thorough knowledge of Philippine ports, our close interface with port and government authorities and our efficient handling of support and logistical requirement allow us to respond professionally to any marine salvage situation.

SALVTUG Salvage Masters and Salvage Team are available 24/7 to carry out immediate salvage operations on all types of marine casualties with a strong commitment to safety, health, and protection of the environment. Our resources and fleet are strategically located nationwide for rapid deployment.

Our Resources:

40 tugboats and crafts located nationwide
1 RINA Classed Salvage Tugboat
Floating Crane
8 Deck and Hatch Type Barges
Hydraulic submersible Pumps, air pumps, etc.
Generators, air compressors, etc.
Cargo transfer equipments
Seasoned Salvage Masters and Team
Dedicated Naval Architect
HECSALV salvage software
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“Throughout the past years we had the pleasure of executing various salvage operations jointly with SALVTUG in the Philippines. All jointly conducted operations have been executed to utmost satisfaction to the respective ship owners and or their underwriters...“

General Manager, T&T Marine


“At present, there are few tugs stationed solely for emergency purpose in the world. The environment in which salvors must operate is changing. The increasing size of ships has inevitably resulted in more complicated, more prolonged and more expensive salvage operations, despite the decreasing number of casualties...“

Managing Director, Nippon Salvage

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