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Jul18 2015

Alam Manis18 July 2015- MV Alam Manis, a 55,652 DWT Bulk Carrier registered in Singapore, ran aground at the coast of Candon, Ilocos Sur, in the northern part of the Philippines. The vessel left Dinagat Island, Southern Philippines carrying nickel ore bound for China when she experienced rough sea conditions. MTSC's Trabajador-1 sailed for the rescue of the crew. Immediately thereafter, MTSC salvage personnel and equipment were mobilized together with salvage personnel from SEMCO and T&T Salvage in Singapore. The cooperation of three salvage companies resulted in the successful refloating of the casualty and the vessel was successfully redelivered to the Owner after one month of continuous salvage efforts.
   Alam Manis

Jun27 2015

SALVTUG Sponsors PSAA Bowling Tournament
SALVTUG Bowling TournamentThe SALVTUG-sponsored Philippine Ship Agents Association Bowling Tournament last 27 June 2015 was attended by about 150 enthusiastic participants from the 44 member-companies of the Association. The Opening remarks and Sportsmanship Oath were given by SALVTUG's Capt Danny Sarmiento (Director-Philippine Operations) and Noel Kimmayong (Marine Superintendent) respectively. A message of recognition from PSAA President Virgilio Angeles was likewise given to the Association, Participating member companies, and to SALVTUG for sponsoring the event. The tournament proper started with three elimination games and concluded with a ranking game to determine this year's Champion Team. After 5 tough elimination hours, Ben Line Agencies Philippines, Inc. won the Championship Award with 1st/2nd/3rd place awards going to NYK Fil-Japan Shipping Corporation, Malayan Towage & Salvage Corporation, and Inter-Asia Marine Transport, Inc. respectively. In summary, as said by one participant, "It was a day filled with fun, food, drinks, and STRIKES".
   SALVTUG Bowling Tournament  SALVTUG Bowling Tournament  SALVTUG Bowling Tournament

Jun20 2015

In House Training and Workshop conducted for Managers and Supervisors
In House Training and WorkshopMTSC held a training workshop for its employees entitled " Highly Effective Managers " last June 20, 2015 as part of MTSC's commitment to further develop the capabilities and productivity of its employees. The June 20 training session was part of a series of workshops which were initiated in January 2015. Other workshop topics have included:
  1. Total Quality Service Management
  2. Seminar on Employee Discipline and valid Dismissal
  3. Building Team Effectiveness
  4. Sales and Customer Service Management Seminar
  5. Telemarketing and Internet Marketing Course
  6. Seminar on Work Ethics , Professionalism and Standards of Conduct and Behavior
  7. Work and Personal Effectiveness of Office Staff

Jan30 2015

MTSC Awarded for Labor Standard Compliance
Labor Standard Compliance On January 30, 2015, Malayan Towage and Salvage Corporation (“MTSC”) was recognized by the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) for successfully completing and complying with the Labor Standards Assessment conducted by the Technical Support and Services Division (TSSD) of DOLE- NRC last December 2014. DOLE NCR Director, Dir. Alex Avila, presented and awarded the Certificate of Compliance (“COC”) to Ms. Mira I. Garcia, MTSC Human Resources Manager. MTSC President Capt. Edgardo M. Gualberto commented that the recent award highlights MTSC’s continuing efforts in promoting harmonious working relationships between employees and employer.

Jan03 2015

Another Certification for MTSC
CertificateWith the objective of continually improving the quality of our services to our customers, Malayan Towage and Salvage Corporation- Subic has been certified as an approved service supplier for in water survey of ships. A Certification was issued last December 2014 in compliance with the RINA “Rules for the Certification of Service Suppliers".

Dec13 2014

MV Golden EyeOn December 13, 2014, MTSC and SMIT Salvage (Asia) successfully refloated a 52,421 DWT Bulk Carrier vessel, “MV Golden Eye”, at Garcia Hernandez Bohol. MTSC’s M/Tug “Trabajador-1”, assisted by M/Tug “Lidagat” and M/Tug “Gorio” were deployed for the oil spill containment and salvage operation. The vessel was subsequently towed to Guangzhou, China by M/T “Trabajador -1”. “Trabajador-1” (a fully equipped 8,200 BHP salvage tug) was assisted by the “Lidagat” (5,000 BHP) and “Gorio” (2,400 BHP). MTSC is a full member of the International Salvage Union and a duly accredited salvor and oil spill response organization by the Philippine Coast Guard (“PCG”).

Nov13 2014

WISE Philippines conduct an Oil Spill Response Exercise
On November 13, 2014, MTSC and the Philippine Institute of Petroleum Member Companies (Chevron, Petron, Shell, PTT, Liquigaz, Total, and Isla LPG) conducted the second Oil Spill Response exercise of the fourth quarter as part of the continuing efforts to upgrade and improve the level of each stakeholder’s preparedness and competency in an unlikely event of an Oil or HNS spill incident. As part of its WISE (Waterborne Industry Spill Equipment) retainer agreement, MTSC deploys suitable tugboat(s) on a 24-hour "on-call" basis at the ports of Manila, Batangas, Bataan, Cebu, Subic, Cagayan De Oro, and Davao. Each unit maintains onboard a fully operational inventory of oil spill equipment and trained personnel are available for each oil spill response team. These exercises and drills are conducted nationwide. The next exercise is expected to be conducted in April 2015.
   Oil Spill Exercise  Oil Spill Exercise  Oil Spill Exercise

Jul01 2014

Another SALVTUG Support at Batangas "Float-On" Loading of Pontoons
M/T 'Dinagat' pushing one of the pontoons while assisting her to be positioned on semi-submersible MV 'Sun Shine'Malayan Towage and Salvage Corporation has successfully completed the assisting and loading of two pontoons from Keppel Shipyard (Port and Stbd side pontoons) to Pan Ocean’s semi submersible vessel MV Sun Shine at Batangas Anchorage by means of a Float-on method last July 01, 2014. The loading was done at the Batangas anchorage, 0.50 NM south from Keppel Batangas Shipyard, where it was considered to be a safe area and free from swell. The anchorage area has a minimum required water depth of 16.50 meters and turning circle of 400 meters that is clear from other ships. SALVTUG deployed four (4) of its ZPeller Tugs - M/T “Intrepid” (4500HP) as a safety tug, during MV “Sun Shine”s entire ballasting preparation; and tugs M/T “Dinagat”, “Cabilao”, “Lakandula” (3x2600HP) to assist in the actual pontoon loading based on agreed float-on sequence and standards. MV Sun Shine and the two (2) pontoons departed safely from Batangas port after securing all necessary permits and sea-fastening clearances.
MTSC Tugs safely assisting the loading of the two (2) pontoons on semi-submersible MV 'Sun Shine' The two (2) pontoons properly positioned on semi-submersible MV 'Sun Shine' after being safely assisted by MTSC Batangas tugs