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Captains and Crew of MT Limay, Badger and Charger gathered at the pier in Cagayan De Oro, together with MTSC senior management who were in Cagayan De Oro to attend the opening of Shell’s Northern Mindanao Import Facility (NMIF).


National Oil Spill Response Planning Workshop

A Joint Oil Industry Project Workshop was conducted last July 28-29, 2016 in Manila to enable a coordinated and effective National Response to marine pollution incidents. The Philippine Coast Guard, with the assistance from the International Petroleum Industry Environmental Conservation Association (IPIECA), held the workshop together with the representatives of the major oil companies and other stakeholders including MTSC, represented by Capt. Daniel Adrianne T. Sarmiento and Noel Kimmayong. MTSC is the service provider of Waterborne Industry Spill Equipment (WISE) which represents the major oil companies (Shell, Petron, Chevron, Total, Liquigaz, Isla LPG Corp. and PTT) and provides comprehensive Philippine-wide Oil Spill Response coverage.



MTSC TREE PLANTING IN CALUANGANAs part of the Companys Corporate Social Responsibility, MTSC successfully held a Tree Planting Initiative last July 16, 2016 at Putol, Caluangan, Magallanes Cavite.

MTSC Employees planted 200 Molave and Narra seedlings near the river banks to soak up nutrients and pollutants before they enter any stream or river. The new trees are intended to help protect both the river reservoirs as well as absorb pollutants that would otherwise enter the local water supply.


Belle Rose

Belle RoseMalayan Towage and Salvage Corporation, in partnership with Nippon Salvage Corporation as co-salvors, have successfully refloated the M/V "BELLE ROSE", 50,472 DWT bulk cargo vessel of Panama Registry. The vessel, fully laden with 48, 000 MT of cement in bulk, was enroute to San Fernando, Cebu from Tsukumi, Japan when she ran aground off Monad Shoal, Northern Cebu in the early morning of June 13, 2016. The vessel is now safely at anchor in San Fernando awaiting discharge of her cargo.


   Belle Rose


NCC Huda

NCC HudaThe 1st Shell tanker docked at Northern Mindanao Import Facility (NMIF) on June 6, 2016 in the port of Macabalan, Cagayan De Oro. NCC Huda was assisted by MTSC for docking/undocking operations.



URCs Barge Inauguration

URCs Barge InaugurationThe inauguration of the newly built barges (Alpheus 1, 3 and 4) took place at ICTSI anchorage last May 17, 2016. President/COO of JG Summit group of companies Mr. Lance Gokongwei and Vice-President of Universal Robina Corporation Mr. Ellison Dean Lee presided over the formal blessing and inauguration. The event was also attended by MTSC and APC’s senior officers.



Shell Bitumin Tier 1 Exercise

Salvtug’s proactive drydocking and maintenance programme continues high standardsMTSC completed the tier 1 exercise for Shell Bitumin, Villanueva as part of MTSC’s commitment to ensure that its response capabilities are continuously enhanced.



Wise Oil Spill Exercise Visayas 2016

Salvtug’s proactive drydocking and maintenance programme continues high standardsWise Oil Spill Exercise Visayas 2016 was conducted at the vicinity of Chevron terminal in Lapu Lapu, Mactan on April 22, 2016. The event was attended by more than 20 representatives from different oil and industrial companies.




Capt. Edgardo M. Gualberto Retires as MTSC President
Salvtug’s proactive drydocking and maintenance programme continues high standardsCapt. Edgardo M. Gualberto retired as President of MTSC effective March 1, 2016. He had been with the Company for over 40 years and one of his major achievements was putting together a management team to build on MTSC’s historical successes and continue to serve our customers to the high standard that they have enjoyed for several decades.

In recognition of his valuable contributions, the Company commemorated his retirement with a Cocktail Dinner last February 16, 2016 at the Manila Polo Club in Makati. The event was attended by domestic and overseas clients and partners, as well as management from MTSC and affiliated companies.

Mr. Teofilo S. Eugenio, who has also been with MTSC since 1974, joins the MTSC Board of Directors and replaces Capt. Edgardo M. Gualberto as President. Mr. Eugenio has been actively involved in many aspects of MTSC’s businesses over the last forty years and is well-known within the Philippine maritime community.


M/Tug "Fitial"
Salvtug’s proactive drydocking and maintenance programme continues high standardsM/Tug "Fitial", one of MTSC’s multi-tasked tugboats equipped with bespoke submarine fenders assisted the docking operations of the Japanese submarine “Oyashio” at the Port of Subic last April 3, 2016.


Salvtug’s proactive drydocking and maintenance programme continues high standards
Salvtug’s proactive drydocking and maintenance programme continues high standardsOver the last twelve months since October 2014, Salvtug has drydocked 11 tugboats ( Cabo, Cabilao, Iloilo, Ilongo, Intrepid, Rajah, Stanford, Stingray, Vigilant, Waray and Limay) and expects to drydock an additional two tug boats by year end 2015. These regularly scheduled drydockings ensure that Salvtug’s tugboats are maintained to a high standard to ensure safe and efficient operations.

Salvtug’s units are also fully supported by maintenance hubs ( with a full range of qualified personnel and equipment) in Manila, Batangas and Subic.


SALVTUG 2015 Classic Golf TournamentThe 2015 SALVTUG Classic Golf Tournament was attended by over 100 selected maritime partners at the Manila Southwoods Golf and Country Club last September 25, 2015. The event was both an expression of appreciation to partners who have provided MTSC with solid support as well as a forum to allow ideas to flow freely with the objective of doing more mutually beneficial business together.

The tournament concluded with the awarding of the winners, and sharing of messages of thanks and appreciation from SALVTUG President Capt Edgardo Gualberto and Director, Ms Terry Watkins. Highlights of the message delivered by Ms. Watkins stressed the importance of SALVTUGs commitment to extraordinary service that drives business and customer loyalty.

Prizes and plaques were awarded to:
  • "Hole in One" Capt. Perfecto Pascual of Subic Grain Terminals
  • Class A Champion - Mr. Fausto Preysler of Wilhemsen Smithbell Shipping Inc.
  • Class B - Mr. Wilfredo Alon of Port Limits Shipping Agency Corporation
  • Class C - Mr. Dever Besana of Fair Shipping and Agency, Inc.

  • Special thanks to Delta Airlines, The Manila Peninsula, ICTSI, Solaire Resort and Casino, Cebu Pacific, and Fair Shipping Agency, Inc. for their generosity in donating the quality prizes.

       SALVTUG 2015 Classic Golf Tournament  SALVTUG 2015 Classic Golf Tournament
       SALVTUG 2015 Classic Golf Tournament  SALVTUG 2015 Classic Golf Tournament

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